Angela Senior standing on a stair in a factory while providing BREW business advice.

Angela Senior on BREW business advice

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Angela Senior saw that BREW could help with the next stage of her career and seized the opportunity.

BREW (Building Resilience and Enterprise in Women) is a project run by Wandsworth Council’s Lifelong Learning Team, offers free advice and training to women over 50 on how to start or grow their own business.

BREW stands for Building Enterprise and Resilience in Women and develops entrepreneurial and digital skills underpinned by coaching in resilience, confidence building and motivation. It was launched earlier this year during Wandsworth Enterprise Month and around 65 women went along to hear from successful female entrepreneurs.

Although Angela Senior was self-employed and working as a consultant, she saw the potential benefits of the programme which led her back into full-time paid employment.

Although BREW focuses on the skills needed for setting up your own business, Angela’s entrepreneurial approach enabled her to secure full-time employment back in the industry she loves.

What attracted you to signing up for the BREW launch?

I saw details of the event in the Fashion Capital newsletter and saw that Jenny Holloway, CEO of Fashion Enter would be speaking at the event.  It was great to see that there was something specifically for older women.

Although I have a first-class honours degree in Fashion Design and 30 years relevant experience, BREW helped me focus on the business side of Fashion.

Prior to this position, I was working as a consultant using my extensive experience in the clothing industry.  What I’ve ended up with is the most perfect job.

What did you think of the actual event?

It was a very welcoming event.  The female speakers were amazing; passionate and inspiring, with very moving stories.  The session on digital marketing was great- really useful – a number of the women didn’t feel that familiar with this area of work.

 Can you describe your career to date?

I started my career as a designer in my twenties.  From my late twenties I became a creative account manager, working mostly with high street retailers.  I’ve always pushed myself and always been career focussed.  My final full-time position was in a company that unfortunately closed.  I then started to work as a consultant.  When I met Jenny Holloway, I felt that this really was a job worth pursuing.

Congratulations on your new role as Studio Manager at Fashion Enter.  Can you tell me a little bit more about the job and what you enjoy most?

We create patterns & prototype samples & small production runs for a variety of different types of garments. Our clients are high end price point, retailing through Net a Porter & department store level.

I have a much younger assistant who is great at IT.  We work very well together and we learn from each other. We’ve got a kind of skill swop going on.

What would be your top tips for other jobseekers?

You’ve really got to put yourself out there. My friend and I travelled quite far to get to the event.  I deliberately approached Jenny Holloway.  Even if you don’t feel confident, push yourself and get out there.

I know a number of other women in this industry who aren’t in work and would benefit from this kind of support.

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