We offer informal adult education to over
people of all ages, backgrounds and experiences each year.

Worth it.

The adventure of life is to learn.William Arthur Ward

For all stages of life. For personal or professional purposes. To kickstart a career or to master the art of cake decoration. Whatever the goal, Wandsworth Lifelong learning helps thousands of individuals and hundreds of organisations achieve their potential annually through its extensive network of delivery partners.

If you are a jobseeker, employer, knowledge seeker, retiree, carer, parent or anything in between, we’re confident that you will find an apprenticeship, accreditation, workshop, traineeship, course or activity that will work for you. Start by looking at the options below. It’s totally worth it.


Incredible learning experiences on your doorstep – now that’s worth a try.

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Apprenticeships, employability or work experience – it’s definitely worth your time.

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Creating a learning environment at work – it’s worth the investment.

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Working together across Wandsworth – that’s an idea worth spreading.

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