We offer informal adult education to over
people of all ages, backgrounds and experiences each year.

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Wandsworth Lifelong Learning, part of Wandsworth Council, cater for over 8,000 learners each year across over 650 courses. Broadening horizons through learning is at the heart of everything we do.

Without our funders this service wouldn’t be available:

  • Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA)
  • European Social Fund (ESF)


A dedicated team of industry professionals head up all our offers in Wandsworth.

  • Customer first

    We want to make sure our services match the aspirations of all the learners and career seekers we work with. We’ve invested heavily to ensure the best people are able to get out and meet people, respond quickly to enquiries and deliver the service Wandsworth residents would expect.

  • Community & employers

    Across the borough, we regularly connect with community organisations and employers – both of whom play a vital role enabling us to be Wandsworth’s premier place for Lifelong Learning.

  • Leadership

    Pushing boundaries in Lifelong Learning – we employ some of the brightest minds from across the sector. Taking part in European wide programmes, our leaders develop broad experience – making our offer relevant, effective and well respected.


Everyone at Wandsworth Lifelong Learning works in the borough. We’re regularly out and about visiting schools, community centres, work places and many more events to make sure we reach the widest catchment.

  • Exhibiting

    Our team are adept at exhibiting at events. Our lively stands are a great way for residents and employers to find out what we’ve got on offer and to get the chance to meet the team. If you have an event you’d like us to attend, please get in touch.

  • Presentations

    We like to share the impact of our work and we’re always proactive when it comes to opportunities to present an insight into our work. Whether speaking to employers or promoting new ways of working across partnerships, our team are vocal champions of Lifelong Learning.


Offering services that are safe, equal and reliable is very important to everyone at Wandsworth Lifelong Learning. Here you can find information on our policies:


Wandsworth Lifelong Learning is run by Wandsworth Council and our service reflects the Council’s values of

  • Delivering high quality, value for money services (cross-cutting objective)

  • Improving opportunities for children and young people with an emphasis on early intervention and preventative work

  • Making Wandsworth an attractive, safe, sustainable and healthy place

  • Promoting health, independence and wellbeing for all adults with personalised and preventative care and support for adults in need –including carers and those in housing need

  • Building a prosperous, vibrant and cohesive community

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