Wandsworth Lifelong Learning, part of Wandsworth Council, cater for over 8,000 learners each year across over 650 courses.

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Our Values

Ensuring your experience, as learners and apprentices at Wandsworth Lifelong Learning is a smooth one and worth your while.

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Start Things Right

Provide the right level of support, beginning with an initial assessment.

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Advice & Guidance

Give learners detailed advice and guidance to support decision making.

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Make sure the learning environment is safe and secure.

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English & Maths

Offer help, to those who need it, to gain a good understanding of english and maths.

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Feedback is continuous, learners receive regular progress reports.

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More than the Qualification

We teach more than the qualification, covering Equal Opportunities, Diversity, Life Skills and Health & Safety.

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Passionate about Learning

Our teachers and assessors are all qualified and passionate about learning.

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Listen to Learners

We listen to your feedback, believing that the ‘learner’s voice’ is important.

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Future Focused

We’re focused on your future, looking for your next opportunity to learn.

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And, most of all, we celebrate your success.

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Who's Who

Meet the safeguarding team at Wandsworth Lifelong Learning.

Meet the safeguarding team