Short courses and professional qualifications

Short courses are a great way for you to give your staff the skills and experience they need to get on at work.

Work-based qualifications let staff gain new skills within your workplace.

eLearning available for all Courses & Apprenticeships

Two men and a woman casually chatting at work

Staff Training

Woman providing information to a man and a woman in an office setting

Advice and Guidance Level 3 NVQ

This course is a great opportunity for individuals to develop further skills and knowledge in providing advice and guidance in…
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A group of women empowering each other while looking at a laptop.

Building Resilience & Empowering Women (BREW)

At Wandsworth Council Lifelong Learning, we acknowledge that women are often confronted with unique challenges.  Our Personal Growth and Wellbeing…
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What should you delegate in the workplace?

Effective Delegation in the Workplace

Effective delegation in the workplace will save time, help you to prepare to lead larger teams and inspire your team…
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A smiling African American businessman, wearing glasses and a suit, who appears to be a supervisor.

First Time Manager or Supervisor

Invest in Your Future as a Manager – Start Learning Today Are you looking to take the next step in…
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Two women at a table in an office engage in Level One conversation, displaying effective mentorship skills.

How to be an Effective Mentor

Mentoring is widely recognized as an important role that establishes key relationships between mentors and mentees. This role is just…
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A group of business people standing in front of a building, equipped with the necessary expertise to navigate the world of networking.

How to Network Successfully in Person

Equip yourself with the necessary expertise to navigate the world of networking, both online and in-person with guidance and practical…
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Two asian business people sitting at a table engaged in an introduction while looking at a laptop.

Introduction to Coaching

If you lead or work with a team of motivated, smart and results oriented people then this workshop could be…
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Introduction: A man is using a smartphone while sitting at a desk and managing project tasks efficiently.

Introduction to Project Management

Take the First Step Towards a Successful Career in Project Management Learn the fundamentals of project management and gain a…
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A group of business people, including a supervisor, sitting around a table in a meeting.

Leadership and Management Level 3 Diploma

This exciting opportunity is designed for people who have management responsibilities but no formal training, or for managers who lead…
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Three businessmen managing problems at the workplace while sitting at a table and engaging in conversation.

Managing Problems Effectively in the Workplace

Dealing with workplace problems can be immensely stressful, and if left unaddressed, they can give rise to long-term difficulties. That’s…
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Two people engaging in a short course that focuses on key skills to use at home and in the workplace, while looking at a computer screen.

Problem Solving and Managing Change

Problem Solving and Decision Making Every job and organization will face challenges, especially in a world where hybrid working is…
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A man with glasses smiling in front of a laptop.

Team Leader/Supervisor Apprenticeship

Management courses are suitable for a variety of individuals ranging from those that are in a first line management position,…
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Available for existing staff and provide a very cost effective tool for staff training and skill development.


Business Administrator, Customer Service Practioner, Health & Social Care – Adult & Lead Adult Care Worker, Teaching Assistant, Childcare and Management.

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