The letter w in different colors exploring its identity, with a woman's face in the middle.

New Identity. Worth exploring.

Finding a way that explains what we do at Wandsworth Lifelong Learning is a challenge we regularly face. We have over 650 Lifelong Learning courses, work with 250 partner organisations and support over 8,000 learners every year – that’s a pretty big picture to get across to people.

That’s why we recently stepped back and took some time to consider how we should be marketing what we do. The one message that kept coming up again and again was the value everyone took from being involved. Our work really is changing people’s lives – from offering new career opportunities to providing reasons to leave the house and meet new people.

Working with expert creative agency West Creative, we set about a collaboration to find a short, succinct way to capture the value of what we do. And this is what they come up with:

Wandsworth. Worth it. 

Not limited to the website, West Creative have poured their imagination approach across all our communication channels. You’ll discover a whole host of ‘Worth it…’ statements across all our print, posters and flyers, across event banners, t-shirts and a new selection of giveaway items for events. A new film about our learning experience was also created, and that is certainly¬†worth watching!

“The team at West Creative are great to work with. They got to grips with what we needed and were spot on with the content and style created. This is the start of a real partnership.”

Santino Fragola, Head of Lifelong Learning, Wandsworth Council


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