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Existing Staff + Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are no longer just a career step for young people – far from it in fact. Employers across the country are using apprenticeships for both hiring and the training of existing employees. Anyone, regardless of working age or past qualifications, can benefit from work-based learning through an apprenticeship.

So, why use Apprenticeships for existing staff? 

#1: It’s cost effective training

If you’re a levy payer (i.e. your payroll is over £3 million) you can access the tax you’ve paid into the Apprenticeship Levy to use directly on training existing staff. And if you’re payroll is £3 million or under, you only have to contribute 10% to the costs of the apprenticeship training.

#2: Loyalty & Retention

Everyone knows an organisation is more effective when there is a plan in place. The same is true for employees. An apprenticeship (running for 12-24 months) offers employees just that – a plan for their own development and growth within their current job. By creating the opportunity to upskill and potentially gain progression, we find employers who utilise apprenticeships across their existing employees enjoy increased loyalty and retention in return.

#3: Flexible

Apprenticeships are all about national standards of industry – yet they offer flexibility for each employer to limit the disruption. The team at Wandsworth Lifelong Learning have worked with a host of employees from SMEs to schools, large public sector organisations to private suppliers. We know how to make an apprenticeship fit your working environment, business culture and growth expectations.

#4: Industry Standards

Apprenticeship are developed by sector specialists. As such, the content of each course is tuned into the current needs of each specific sector and crucially, what will be needed in the future for those working in the sector to succeed. At Wandsworth Lifelong Learning we offer sector specific apprenticeships in Health & Social Care, Support Teaching & Learning in Schools and Childcare; as well as cross-cutting qualifications including Management, Customer Service and Business Administration.

#5: Build your Brand

Customers are increasingly becoming selective about who they buy products and services from. A recent report actually found that customers prefer to do businesses with organisations that invest in apprenticeships. So, if you get on board with apprenticeships, you’ll have something new worth sharing. 

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