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Hannah-Leigh Morgan Case Study

Hannah-Leigh Morgan

Customer Service Apprenticeship at Lifelong learning



Hannah-Leigh Morgan, a Customer Service Apprentice, talks to Lifelong Learning about her experience.

“Whilst doing my Customer service apprenticeship at lifelong learning I have learnt several skills and gained a lot of experience. I have gained communication skills whilst dealing with difficult clients as within my job role at Citizens Advice I am required to deal with mentally ill and disabled clients on a daily basis. I have also learnt how to read clients body language and behaviour in order to react in an effective and positive way whilst delivering good customer service.

I have learnt how to be attentive and developed this skill in order to really listen to a client before dealing with their issue. During my apprenticeship I have acquired knowledge within the service Citizens Advice offer and have learnt how to use this to my advantage when communicating with a client. Having excellent knowledge of the service being offered is crucial in making the customer feel comfortable and have trust in the organisation.

The experience I have had within my work place dealing with all different types of customers has influenced me in gaining the ability to handle surprises. For example the situation a client initially explains may not always be the underlying issue. In many cases the client will throw you a curveball and the expectations they have of the service will change. I have learnt to explain the guidelines and limits of the service offer to clients in a clear and productive way. If we do not offer a service the client needs to solve their issue, we can offer an alternative service or organisation to the client but will not overstep the guidelines of our organisation.

I have also acquired the ability to put the customer first. From my experience whilst being in my apprenticeship at lifelong learning I have learnt it is important to treat every customer as an individual and make them feel although you are doing everything within your limits to solve the client’s issue. If the customer feels although they are being treated as a number rather than an individual this can lead to bad customer service complaints and result in a bad reputation of the organisation and the employer themselves.

My confidence and communication skills have improved massively whilst being enrolled in this apprenticeship with Lifelong Learning. The experience and knowledge I have gained has helped me to develop as a person and has widened my aspirations and goals for future training and even possibly a career pathway.”


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