We currently work with over
partner organisations to deliver our service.

Worth spreading.

In Wandsworth, we’re committed to bringing together the talented organisations that connect with individuals, families and minority communities locally, to ensure Lifelong Learning reaches everyone. We think that’s an idea worth spreading.

We also partner with other delivery organisations to add interest, variety and speciality to programmes we provide – ensuring our offer is always relevant.

At a european level we also work with partners in Italy, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Poland,Romania, Sweden, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus to share best practice and learn new, innovative ways of working together.

Connected in Wandsworth

To ensure everyone in Wandsworth gets an equal opportunity to access Lifelong Learning we make sure we connect to a variety of organisations.

  • Types of organisation

    From schools to social clubs, libraries to leisure centres, employers to enterprise advice – we connect with organisations and individuals who share our values of promoting Lifelong Learning.

  • How to get involved

    It’s simple. We ask for a brief overview of what you do and how you’d like to get involved. From supporting our communications to taking an active role in projects, we want to hear from you.

Supporting our Suppliers

Organisations who actively get involved in a project often need support to achieve certain standards and competencies – which is why we actively offer a range of advice tailored to their needs.

  • Types of support

    Everyone’s support needs are different, which is why we offer a blended package. Sometimes a simple site visit is enough to address a concern. Many of our suppliers attended our regular training sessions on topics such as safeguarding or quality control.

  • Who can access it?

    Support is available to all partner organisations who are supplying a contract. Where a number of staff need to attend a training session, this can be arranged.

Celebrating Success

At Wandsworth we want to make sure everyone benefits, not just the participants involved in Lifelong Learning. We celebrate the success of our partners at an annual awards event and various press releases throughout the year. We also host events and publish reports that aim to equip other organisations with the insights we gain from working in this sector.

  • Annual Awards

    October sees our annual Apprenticeship Awards, which includes a category for Partners. A mainstay in our calendar, the event has seen a number of partners celebrated for their involvement in our programmes.

  • Sharing insight

    We’re involved in a myriad of projects, programmes and help influence policy decisions. For us in Wandsworth, this is a two-way street and we actively look to share the learning we discover with those involved. From casual conversation with partners to formal presentations, publications and training on key topics.

Worth connecting.

Do you have clients who would benefit from learning and skills? Let us know.