Woman providing information to a man and a woman in an office setting

Advice and Guidance Level 3 NVQ

This course is a great opportunity for individuals to develop further skills and knowledge in providing advice and guidance in a professional role – you could be working in careers guidance, …

An individual with essential digital skills is typing on a laptop while sitting at a desk.

Essential Digital Skills

If you’re looking for an effective way to improve your digital skills and gain an extra edge to navigate through the digital world with ease, this could be the answer. …

A group of business people standing in front of a building, equipped with the necessary expertise to navigate the world of networking.

How to Network Successfully in Person

Equip yourself with the necessary expertise to navigate the world of networking, both online and in-person with guidance and practical advice to build meaningful connections, grow relationships, and achieve professional success.

A group of business people getting together for a meeting in a conference room, discussing the most important matters.

How to Get the Most Out of a Meeting

Meetings may be viewed as the bane of people’s working lives but we can’t function without this important communication channel. Meetings can become a nuisance when there are too many …

A hand holding up a word cloud with the word nutrition, showcasing the importance of planning and achieving a healthy diet for increased energy and life balance.

Nutrition and Health

Introduction to Understanding Nutrition and Health Level 2 This course will give an overview of the full accredited Level 2 course (below), including course content and coursework, to help you …

A new arrival at an airport waiting to check in for a short course offered by Wandsworth Council Lifelong Learning.

Learning to Live in the UK

Wandsworth Council Lifelong Learning offers a range of short courses to support new arrivals to the UK who are seeking employment and wish to improve their wellbeing.

A woman in glasses sitting at a desk with a laptop, gaining skills in Business Administration through accredited courses.

Business Administration Courses

These Business Administration introductory and accredited courses will teach you the skills that employers are looking for, providing you with the practical tools you need to handle situations that may arise on the job,