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Learner in the Spotlight – Lydia. M

Lydia’s journey with Wandsworth Council Lifelong Learning (WCLL) began at a pivotal moment. As a confidence coach, mentor, and trainer renewing her skills became essential, especially with a new contract focusing on mentoring young care leavers. Lydia viewed the courses as an opportunity to not only improve her capabilities but also to gather fresh insights and strategies to assist her young clients with their career journeys.

The Impact of the Courses

Lydia attended courses covering a range of subjects to consolidate her professional knowledge: Build an Effective C.V; Take the Fear out of Interview; Problem Solving & Decision Making; Conflict Management and How to Develop Your Business Sales

She found that the influence of the courses was multi-faceted, saying:

“The courses I attended have helped me to think more creatively and be assured when working with young people that I am giving them the right advice around employability. It was also an opportunity to totally revamp my CV, so it was ready to go if required. I put myself forward for a freelance role I saw on LinkedIn, and I knew how to tailor it specifically so I would stand out. I was successful in being shortlisted and selected.

The course on developing your business sales has been helpful in providing a detailed structure to approaching sales conversations. I have referred to my notes from this session when putting myself forward for business opportunities and securing new clients.”

Lydia also had words of praise for her tutor: “Donna…delivers training that is inclusive and practical. I gained a lot of value from each session and valued Donna’s enthusiasm to make sure each learner got what they needed from the course.”

Words of Advice

Lydia experienced a blend of professional development and personal growth through her chosen WCLL courses. She would say to anyone considering a similar pathway, “My advice would be to go ahead and sign up and be clear about what you want to get from it.”

She added “Fully engage in the course – switch off all distractions and be ready to take notes.” She found that a wealth of information is shared and it’s important to capture this in a way that suits you best, allowing you to implement the strategies learned effectively in your professional life.

Lydia’s story demonstrates that whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, Wandsworth Council Lifelong Learning offers valuable assets for anyone looking to develop their professional toolkit.

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