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Learner in the Spotlight – Shashana. C

This month, we focus on Shashana. C, whose further education story is one of resilience and determination as well as demonstrating the value of seeking guidance, embracing new opportunities, and the impact that committed tutors can have on our learning.

Having a Clear Purpose

Shashana enrolled for two key courses, and each was chosen with a clear purpose in mind.

Her enrolment for the Functional Skills course was driven by her ambition to pursue a career in midwifery. And, with an entry requirement of Maths and English qualifications, this course was a stepping stone towards her goal.

Her enrolment in the Team Leadership course occurred during a period of uncertainty after being made redundant. Shashana’s maths tutor introduced her to Dustine, one of our Careers Guidance Advisors, who recognised her potential and suggested the leadership course as a new direction. She said “I honestly didn’t know what to do. I opened up to Billi…and she suggested I meet with Dustine as she might be able to help…and I’m so happy that I did.”

“A Positive Impact on my Life”

Shashana commented that “Both courses had a positive impact on my life overall.”  

The Functional Skills maths course improved her mathematical abilities and boosted her confidence in understanding key concepts that were once obstacles to her. Shashana said “…Billi was really patient and good at explaining and would break things down to make it easier to understand which I really appreciated…”

Describing the team leadership course as “life-changing,” Shashana found in it an effective guide to leading teams and the lessons learned were applicable to the real world. Shashana gained the skills and confidence that helped her secure her current position as a store manager. She said of her tutor, “Tessa, was absolutely amazing! I loved her method of teaching.

Words of Advice

Shashana’s advice to others is straightforward: “Do it! You won’t regret it!”. The decision to enrol in these courses, she reflects, was one of the best she made this year and the knowledge and skills gained, opened new opportunities for her career and enabled her to grow personally.

For anyone standing at a career crossroads, Shashana’s story can act as an incentive to invest in yourself, and to seek out new opportunities. Like Shashana, it might just lead you to a job you love, equipped with the skills that will open doors long into the future.

Inspired by Shashana? Get in Touch

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