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February’s Learner in the Spotlight – Elizabeth. W

Reflections on the Conflict Management Course

Elizabeth recognised that she would benefit from developing her understanding of people engagement and learning techniques that would help her to effectively resolve conflict and prevent it from arising. She enrolled on the Conflict Management course offered by Wandsworth Lifelong Learning to build her skills that would help her in her current role but also provide opportunities for personal development.

Developing Self-Confidence

Elizabeth embarked on this journey with enthusiasm, and she saw a boost in her self-confidence, an aspect she acknowledged needed development. The course equipped her with strategies to assert herself in situations where difficulties were arising. She said, “The techniques that were outlined in the course show a constructive way to assert yourself and manage situations where conflict has arisen in a way that is beneficial to both parties.”

Reflecting on the influence of her tutor, Elizabeth said “My teacher Donna must be given credit as well as she is a fantastic and engaging teacher.” Under Donna’s guidance, offering not just instruction but real-world support, Elizabeth learned how to navigate through challenging situations with composure.

The comprehensive approach of the course, addressing both professional and personal factors, has resonated with Elizabeth. She notes “This course has assisted me to develop in both a professional and personal capacity and helped me in becoming more self-confident and more aware of myself and others.

Words of Advice

For anyone contemplating enrolment on a Conflict Management course, Elizabeth offers encouragement. She highlights the course’s effectiveness in instilling confidence and equipping individuals with the necessary tools to manage conflict effectively. “If anyone is lacking in confidence, needs techniques on asserting themselves in a calm and authoritative way then I would recommend this course. You will not be disappointed. I wasn’t.”

Elizabeth emphasizes the supportive environment fostered by Wandsworth Council Lifelong Learning, praising the friendly staff and knowledgeable tutor for their guidance throughout her learning journey. She says, “There has been nothing negative about my first experience and it will certainly not be my last with Wandsworth Lifelong Learning.”

Elizabeth’s experience is testament to the potential of investing in personal and professional development. By taking opportunities to enhance their skills, individuals can not only navigate challenges effectively but also build stronger relationships and advance personal growth. As Elizabeth looks to the future, her experience stands as a beacon of inspiration for all aspiring learners.

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