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January’s Learner in the Spotlight – Ka Yee

In this month’s Learner in the Spotlight, we talk to Ka Yee about her reasons for enrolling in Food Safety Level 1 and Hospitality Customer Service (Levels 1 & 2) courses, the impact they’ve had on her life, and what advice she would give to others considering embarking on similar journeys.

Navigating the Food Industry

Ka Yee’s goal was to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career path and employment opportunities related to the food industry. She had little knowledge about what goes on behind the scenes and felt that this was standing between her and opportunities in the field. “I wanted to acquire new skills related to food handling, storage, and preparation – crucial aspects to understanding and navigating the industry.”

A Professional and Personal Impact

The course left a profound impact on Ka Yee. She gained knowledge about food best practices which can be applied not only in a professional setting but also in her daily life, reducing the risk of foodborne illnesses and contamination. As she says, “…making the food served, safer for customers. And it can be applied in my own kitchen too.”

She explains further, “The customer service training was also very beneficial. It helped me improve my communication skills, making it easier for me to interact with people in various aspects of my life, not just in a work context.”

Words of Advice

Ka Yee encourages others who are interested in the food industry to take the plunge and enrol in the courses. She believes that the educational opportunities these courses offer will allow prospective students to seize the opportunity to gain experience, grow, and potentially secure better jobs as a result. She said, “The course was practical, and the tutors were friendly and patient in teaching us” and adds “I believe that the knowledge and new skills gained from these courses can open doors to better job opportunities and career advancement.”

We hope that Ka Yee’s story will be an inspiration to anyone seeking to bridge the gap between their current reality and the future they want. Embark on your learning journey today and shape your tomorrow the way you wish to see it.

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