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November’s Learner in the Spotlight – Chanel. T

November’s Learner in the Spotlight – Chanel Taylor

Chanel’s experience with Wandsworth Council Lifelong Learning is a testament to the power of continuous development and, in this case study, we explore her inspiring story, the impact of her courses and the important role her tutor played in her success.

Choosing the Right Courses

Chanel enrolled on several courses offered by Wandsworth Council Lifelong Learning, as she says, “to help me feel more confident and capable in various aspects of my personal and professional development.”

The courses she chose were challenging – Functional Skills English Levels 1 and 2 and Functional Skills Maths Level 2. These were followed by the Positively Presenting Yourself course, to develop her skills for seeking employment. She chose them to address the specific areas of improvement she was looking for, as well as to boost her confidence.

Having been away from an academic setting for a while, Chanel recognized the need for a supportive environment that would provide both guidance and encourage personal growth, which she found with Wandsworth Council Lifelong Learning.

The Impact of Achievement

Reflecting on her experiences, Chanel emphasises the impact these courses had on her:

“Acquiring new knowledge and skills and overcoming completing my first exam has instilled a sense of accomplishment and belief that I’m proud of.”

Overcoming this hurdle further boosted Chanel’s confidence and, most notably, the courses opened new doors for her, leading to increased employability and a fresh job opportunity.

The Tutor’s Role

Billi, Chanel’s tutor, played a pivotal role in her success, and Chanel expressed gratitude for Billi’s unwavering support during her learning journey. Despite setbacks, including missing a crucial exam due to illness, Billi’s dedication to ensuring she caught up with missed material highlights a significant commitment to Chanel’s success.

Words of Advice

Chanel’s advice to others contemplating a similar path is to “Clarify your objectives for attending the course. Determine what specific functional skills you want to develop or improve, and how they align with your personal or professional aspirations.” She also emphasises the importance of seeking help when needed and making the most of available resources to supplement learning.

Chanel’s story demonstrates what can be achieved in the pursuit of education and is a story that encourages others facing challenges to persevere, seek support, and embrace the power of learning.

Inspired by Chanel? Get in Touch

If Chanel’s experience has persuaded you to think about how we might be able to support your learning aims, there is further information on all courses on our website: www.wandsworthlifelonglearning.org.uk

For personalised support, our experienced careers guidance counsellors can help you. Call 020 8871 8055 or email: edlifelong@richmondandwandsworth.gov.uk


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