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October’s Learner in the Spotlight – Cherie. G

Overcoming a fear of English and Maths to Achieve Success

Embarking on a learning journey can be a daunting task, especially when faced with challenges like dyslexia and dyspraxia. But for one determined individual, the decision to enrol in a maths and English course turned out to be life changing. This is Cherie’s inspiring story of overcoming obstacles, finding the right mentor, and embracing the world of numbers!

The Journey Begins

Cherie’s journey began for a simple yet profound reason: to complete a bachelor’s degree in social work at Kingston University. The requirement was clear – maths and English Level 2 Functional Skills were essential to qualify for the course. This presented a significant obstacle for someone who had found these subjects a challenge in the past.

The Impact of the Course

The impact of the course was immense. Cherie had been neurodiverse from a young age, and her experience with traditional education had been challenging, leading to a loss of self-confidence. Maths seemed formidable, with even basic mathematics posing a challenge.

This changed when she enrolled with Wandsworth Council Lifelong Learning for a Functional Skills Level 2 maths course and met Billi, a teacher whose approach resonated deeply with Cherie, as a neurodiverse student. She said “Meeting Billi truly changed the way I viewed Maths. Billi’s teaching skills are exactly what people in my Neuro-diverse community desperately need.”

Billi’s compassion, understanding, and patience provided a safe space for learning. Her ability to simplify complex concepts and her unwavering dedication were key to helping Cherie overcome her fear of numbers. The impact of this teaching style on their self-esteem cannot be overstated and Cherie emphasised that “For the first time, I did not feel inadequate or embarrassed due to my learning difficulties. Billi has a way of putting you at ease, explaining things in the simplest way and is always happy to repeat herself until you understand.”

Discovering a Love for Learning

Cherie found herself not only excelling in maths but also developing a newfound love for numbers and said that “since then, I have been practicing MATHS on my own…and have discovered I love numbers!” The journey from feeling inadequate to confidently tackling mathematical problems was nothing short of incredible. As a result, she is now considering enrolling in additional short courses after completing her degree – a dream she had almost given up on.

Words of Encouragement

To anyone considering attending a course, Cherie’s advice is simple: “Go for it and don’t give up!”

She also extends her gratitude to Anastasia, the efficient and friendly administrator who made the exam experience smooth and stress-free.

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