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Partnership working with Westminster Digital Hub

Launched in January 2022, the Westminster Digital Hub is an exciting and innovative initiative that forms part of the Mayor’s Skills Academies Programme. It brings together a diverse range of training providers, digital employers, local authorities, and third sector organisations in a collaborative effort to help Londoners find rewarding employment in the ever-growing digital sector. By fostering partnerships and leveraging the resources of multiple stakeholders, the Digital Hub aims to create opportunities for individuals to secure good, well-paid jobs in this rapidly evolving field.

The Digital Hub’s Reach
The Westminster Digital Hub extends its influence across four London boroughs: – the City of Westminster, Wandsworth, Camden, and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. This wider approach allows the Digital Hub to have a broader impact, reaching a larger pool of potential candidates for digital jobs and bridging the skills gap in multiple communities.

Meaningful Work Experience
The key contribution made by Wandsworth Council Lifelong Learning within the Digital Hub initiative has been the delivery of meaningful work experience opportunities for adult learners enrolled in digital courses. This practical aspect of learning provides individuals with invaluable first-hand exposure to the digital industry and equips them with the necessary skills and confidence to pursue promising careers.

Success Story: Sagar Solanki
An inspiring example of the positive impact of the Westminster Digital Hub can be seen through the journey of Sagar Solanki, a former Researcher who participated in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) re/Start in Cloud Computing programme with WAES (Westminster Adult Education Service). Through his dedication and involvement in the Digital Hub, Sagar experienced a significant transformation, both in terms of his IT skills and employment prospects.
By immersing himself in the AWS Cloud Computing course and engaging with the opportunities provided by the Digital Hub, Sagar was able to significantly enhance his IT skills.
Thanks to his newfound proficiency and the support provided by the Digital Hub network, Sagar successfully secured a position with the prestigious London Grid for Learning. His journey from a Researcher to a role in an esteemed organization illustrates the transformative potential of the Westminster Digital Hub and its ability to connect individuals with fulfilling employment opportunities in the digital sector.

Sagar Said: “I would like to express my thanks to Wandsworth Council Lifelong Learning for securing such a rewarding work experience placement. This opportunity and has been immensely beneficial to my personal and professional growth. I now have a progressive career with opportunities to support my family and engage in work that is fulfilling.
Mark Bentley, Safeguarding and Cybersecurity Manager LGfL, The National Grid for Learning said:
“When we welcomed Sāgar to his short placement, little did we know six months on we would still be working with him. However, his attitude, work ethic and interest in the subject meant that when we needed some temporary support he was the obvious choice, and the success of that further short-term contract has since led to him becoming a permanent part of the team with an exciting plan for him to develop his cybersecurity skills in the world of education and expand our ability to better serve the schools we work with”.

Calling Employers
If you think you can offer work experience in the digital sector (or in fact any sector) we’d really love to hear from you! We are always on the look-out for high quality placements for young people and adults.

For further details on how we can work together contact Ashley Dunning
Ashley.Dunning@RichmondandWandsworth.gov.uk or
07966 218591

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