A woman is capturing an image with her cell phone.

Words, Images, and Thoughts from our ESOL Learners

The Lifelong Learning team has continued to offer learning throughout the period of the pandemic.

During the Spring term ESOL learners participated in a project to enhance their language skills and creativity inside and outside of their homes.

‘Picture it’ is a project initiated by Learning Unlimited where learners take a photo on a topic initiated by the class or anything that expresses how they feel along with a few short sentences.

We thought you might be interested in seeing some of the results.



‘Pictures of Wimbledon park. I took this in summer 2020. In the right one there is a pathway decorated with fresh flower branches which enhance the beauty of the park. In left picture there is a pound in which ducks are floating and making sound off “quack quack” which close you to the nature’



‘When I laying on my sofa I look trough my fancy window beyond my garden… almost always facing the sun and imagine how many wonderful places in that way there are… how far, but how close they are in my mind.’


Optimism from Sara! 

‘My name is Sara, I’m from Italy, in September 2020 I finally moved to London. Since I was very young I knew this city would be the right place for me and now I’m very sure about that. The Covid-19 situation its very difficult for all of us but this city makes me very optimistic, relaxed and happy with my choice.’

‘At the moment I’m here as an au pair but, for my future I hope I will be able to start studying fashion and moving in to a house with my friends. London is a very amazing and exciting city. It has lots of opportunities for people like me who have big dreams and would like to have a career.
You can find lots of different cultures, food, styles, vibes, sounds, and people who can inspire you and make your day better, particular, funny. I’m grateful that I made this decision and even though I’m far from my country I feel safe and at home here.’

Worth sharing.