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Are you ready for the future?

Learning at Work Week is an annual event in May organised by the Campaign for Learning since 1999. It aims to put a spotlight on the importance and benefits of learning and development at work.

Learning at Work Week 2019 will focus on the theme ‘Shaping the Future’.

In Wandsworth events will run from 14-24 May 2019.

Lifelong Learning is offering the following courses:

• Using Social Media to Maximise Marketing Communication
• How to write a Business Plan
• Public Speaking
• Top tips for Business Development
• Top tips on Writing Funding Applications
• Understanding Employment, Business and Enterprise
• Introduction to How to Effectively Lead a Team

Click here for more details, all our courses and a schedule!

Why take part?

Companies and individuals that have taken part previously report a wide range of opportunities and benefits:

• Changing attitudes to learning and work
• More positive and improved perceptions of learning and development both at business and individual level, increased motivation and productivity
• Greater awareness of opportunities to learn
• Increased knowledge and understanding of the opportunities for learning and development all year round and what they can deliver for the business and individual
• Greater employee engagement with learning
• Employees switched back onto learning and motivated, increased take up of learning and development opportunities
• Informing business & learning and development strategies
• Stimulating and collating feedback, ideas and perspectives that inform future planning
• Drawing on employees own knowledge, passions and interests to create engaging activities and wider sharing and collaboration in the workplace
• Greater recognition and valuing of different ways to learn in the workplace
• Encouraging a broader perspective on how learning and development happens and how employees can take advantage of new ways to learn – from traditional class-room based training through social media to team meets for generating and sharing learning
• Highlighting business priorities, agendas and addressing change

What should I do next?
If you are interested in taking part contact 020 8871 8618 or e-mail: edlifelong@wandsworth.gov.uk.

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