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Boost Your Business Credibility

5 x Ways Apprenticeships Fire Up Your Brand’s Credentials. 

Organisations that are loud and proud about using apprenticeships often gain more benefits than simply staffing solutions. Demonstrating your investment in new recruits and the ongoing progression of existing staff through apprenticeships is a powerful story worth telling. Here are our top five reasons why:

#1: The Power of Fresh Faces

Your biggest brand ambassadors are your staff. The people you employ embody your brand, they convey it to your customers. Sometimes there is a disconnect between your aspirations and your actual workforce. Apprenticeships offer you a great opportunity to source fresh faces. As an alternative route into the labour market they now offer employers a golden opportunity to recruit fresh faces outside of their traditional recruitment pool. No longer purely focused on young recruits, you can bring real diversity into your workforce. 

#2: Ramp Up Your Reputation

Influencing how you are perceived from the outside is not always straightforward. Which is why, when good news comes along, we tend to rinse it for all it’s worth. Instead of sitting around waiting for your next news story, why not look closer to home and start celebrating your investment in apprenticeships. People love to follow champions – and an employer embracing apprenticeships definitely has something to champion about.

#3: Find Your Voice

‘Content is King’ when it comes to evidencing the impact you make on a community. One of the most effective ways to create content is through personal testimony. Every employee who has been through an apprenticeship will be able to explain something it has given them – from career confidence to personal aspirations. When it comes to brand boosting, try to avoid a corporate gloss and instead use the authentic voice of employee generated content – Video Blogs, Peer-to-Peer Interviews and Diary Entries are top tools.

#4: Talent Magnet

Being known as an organisation who will invest in staff is a talent magnet when it comes to recruitment. Job seekers will warm better to employees who prioritise their progression. Apprenticeship opportunities for existing staff and recruitment through apprenticeships offer potential employees yet another reason to work with you, over another employer. Sharing stories of success will speak volumes. 

#5: Heighten Morale 

Your brand position matters as much for internal motivation as it does for external recognition. Keeping a motivated workforce is key. Successful apprentices regularly become loyal, long-standing members of staff. National Apprenticeship Service data shows 80% of companies who invest in Apprentices have reported a significant increase in employee retention. Meanwhile, more than half (57%) of employers report a high proportion of their Apprentices going on to management positions.According to a report published by the CIPD, 66% of employers experienced improved staff morale, while 70% saw an improvement in their product or service offering by bringing in apprentices. 

Brand-Boosting is yet another reason why we believe it’s worth making the change to apprenticeships. To find out how we can help you make the most of apprenticeships get in touch to start a conversation.

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