10x Facts about Wandsworth Lifelong Learning

Worth knowing.

If you are a jobseeker, employer, knowledge seeker, retiree, carer, parent or anything in between, we’re confident that you will find an apprenticeship, accreditation, workshop, traineeship, course or activity that will work for you. 

For all stages of life. For personal or professional purposes. Whether you’re kick-starting a career or want to master the art of cake decoration. Whatever the goal, every year Wandsworth Lifelong Learning helps thousands of individuals and hundreds of organisations achieve their potential through its extensive network of delivery partners. 

Here are 10 x facts about Wandsworth Lifelong Learning worth knowing:

#1: We’re a proud part of Wandsworth Council
Offering services that are safe, equal and reliable is very important to everyone at Wandsworth Lifelong Learning. As part of Wandsworth Council, we get to reflect the Council’s values and live them through our actions every day across the borough.

#2: We love a good celebration
We think individual achievements are worth shouting about. That’s why, every year, we recognise the success of learners across Wandsworth at an award ceremony hosted at Wandsworth Town Hall. 

#3: Food, glorious food!
It’s official. We love food. In fact, 2018 saw us launch a new project, Tooting Street Food Challenge to complement our very successful Young Chef of The Year project – which is now in its fourth fantastic year. Working with professional chef mentors, everyone is amazed by the first-rate food the young culinary competitors put before the judges.

#4: We work across the European Union
We think learning from other organisations is vitally important. It helps everyone concerned to grow and thrive. At a European level, we work with partners in Italy, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus. A cross-border collaboration that shares new, innovative ways of working together, that we all benefit from.

#5: A force for change in Wandsworth
Getting people into work fresh from school, or after a career break, is as important in our mind as developing people already in employment. To that end, we offer a tailored range of options from short-courses to apprenticeships and other work-related qualifications. There is something to suit everyone, because we are passionate about everyone enjoying the benefits of living in Wandsworth.

#6: Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Carers, Kids and everyone in between benefits
As its name suggests, Lifelong Learning can be as much about the small stuff as it is about the big things. That’s why we’re really excited to have built up a specialism in Family Learning. It’s amazing to see what happens when kids roll up their sleeves and do courses with their dads or families – learning new skills together. In our book, that’s a very big thing.

#7: On your doorstep
Everyone at Wandsworth Lifelong Learning works in the borough. And we’re passionate about the community we live. That’s why you’ll find us regularly out and about visiting schools, community centres, work places and tons of eventsto make sure we reach the widest catchment.

#8: Language isn’t a barrier
A lot of languages are spoken in Wandsworth and for some, not knowing English can be a real barrier. We run free ESOL (English as a Second Language) courses throughout the year to make sure everyone gets to where they want to be.

#9: Ageless
From pre-schoolers to pensioners, our breadth of offer can accommodate everyone in Wandsworth. This is especially true of apprenticeships, which are certainly no longer limited to young people. We have apprentices in their 50s who are relishing the chance and challenge of working towards a work-based training qualification.

#10: Festivals
Here we’re talking about the indoor kind – a chance to try a whole load of new things in a short space of time. Whether we’re covering Learning at Work or Family Learning, they’ve become a popular permanent fixture in our annual calendar.

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