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We are on a mission to find new ways to advise women aged 50+ who want to develop their entrepreneurial skills. For many, a crucial first step is working on their confidence and ability to keep going in spite of the odds – their resilience.

Our project is called ‘BREW’ which stands for ‘Building Resilience and Enterprise for Women in a Digital World’. Working with partners across Europe, we believe more investment is needed in age-specific enterprise advice as well as building resilience to sustain successful businesses.

Our first step is to work with women aged 50+ to understand what they need and want. When this stage is completed in early 2019, we will assemble coaching and training materials to enable them to achieve their goals. These will be ready for piloting in late 2019 and the full materials will be available July 2020.

BREW is co-funded by the European Union ERASMUS+ programme and has partners in the UK, Romania, Italy and Spain.

To help ensure BREW project reaches the right people with the best advice, please get in touch if:

You work with women aged 50+ in London, Perugia, Miercurea Ciuc or Valencia
You are an advocate of enterprise advice for women aged 50+
You are a woman aged 50+ who would like to take part in the project

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