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Are you a migrant woman living in London?

Would you like to develop skills to support other migrant women?

Would you like to train to become a Community Leader?

Sign up for a FREE place on the INTEGR8 Migrant Expert training programme aimed at harnessing the potential of migrant women as integration experts.

What is the INTEGR8 Project? INTEGR8 is a new project being developed by seven organisations across Europe with the aim of training migrant women to become champions of integration in their communities. We want to support migrant women in developing their confidence and skills so that they can help to link members of their community with mainstream services in their host communities and participate more in their local communities. INTEGR8 training will be delivered through a series of practical workshops.

The INTEGR8 Approach INTEGR8 is based on the belief that integration will not be achieved by doing to migrant communities, or doing for migrant communities, but rather only by doing with migrant communities. Therefore, migrant women will play a significant role in the development of all project products and actions. A key desired outcome of this project is a change in attitude and understanding within both the migrant community and the organisations that support them. By training migrant women to be leaders of integration locally and by supporting them to establish local women’s networks, we hope to make the case that, if appropriately trained and supported, migrant women are best placed to support the integration of other migrant women.

Who is INTEGR8 for?

The INTEGR8 project has two target groups: 1. Migrant integration professionals and educators who work in migrant centres and support agencies, specifically those with targeted programmes for women. 2. Migrant women and communities.

Rationale Behind the Project Why INTEGR8? Why Now? Immigration is not a new phenomenon for Europe and migrant communities have always made a major contribution to the economic development of the Union and to the cultural diversity which characterises European society today. However, immigration and the civic and social integration of new ethnic minorities remain important policy challenges in all EU countries, especially in recent years. The INTEGR8 project aims to empower migrant women to become local leaders of integration through the design and delivery of appropriate training materials and support.

When is it?   Mondays 10.00 – 2.15 pm (7 weeks except during half-term 28 May) 14th May – 2nd July 2018                      

Where is it? Aspire Centre, 337 Merton Road, London, SW18 5JU Any questions or want to apply for a place on the training? Please contact Dustine Davis on 07919 392 254 or Sharon Williams on 02088718055

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