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Terms of Use

Wandsworth Lifelong Learning is one of the services provided by Wandsworth Council and therefore operates under the same terms and conditions as all Council services.  These are outlined below:

Terms and Disclaimer
Wandsworth Council ("the Council") aims to keep the information on this website accurate and up-to-date. However, the Council shall in no circumstances be liable for any loss of any kind whatsoever in consequence of the use of contents of this site.
Wandsworth Council ("the Council") aims to keep the information on this website accurate and up-to-date. However, the Council shall in no circumstances be liable for any loss of any kind whatsoever in consequence of the use of contents of this site.

Intellectual property
Intellectual property rights arising from this site and its contents belong to the council. Use of the contents is limited to private and non-commercial use purposes only and may not be further exploited without prior written permission of the Council.

Wandsworth Council takes a proactive approach to developing links to other sites. In selecting sites to link to we look at:
Relevance - is there an obvious connection to the information on our site?
Currency - is the site regularly updated?
Content - does the site have generally adequate and useful content?
Suitability - is the site responsibly managed?

It is our policy to obtain permission to link to other websites. The Council is not responsible for the accuracy of material on linked websites and does not necessarily endorse the views expressed within them. We cannot guarantee that links to external websites will work all of the time.

Any web sites to which we link through this site (including, without limitation, any web site provided by a third party but co-branded web site) are independent of this site and we have no control over them and accept no liability in respect of your use or inability to use them or any of the content of such web sites.

Downloadable material
All our downloadable material is carefully checked for viruses before being uploaded onto the site, however we recommend that, as an extra precaution you run your own virus check on each document you download before saving it to your disk or hard drive.

Ordnance Survey Statement
The mapping on this website has been extracted from Ordnance Survey material. Ordnance Survey maps, and maps created from Ordnance Survey material are subject to Crown copyright. The use of the mapping is limited to an allowance to view and download it onto your system for private and non-commercial purposes only. The mapping may not be further sub-licensed, sold, demonstrated, lent, or otherwise transferred or exploited without prior written permission of Ordnance Survey. Ordnance Survey shall not be held liable for the Map Material not being fit for your purposes or applications. Further details about Ordnance Survey products and services can be found on their website at
Privacy statement

What we do
Our principal activities are to provide a range of government services to local people and businesses by working in partnership with other local authorities and business partners. Our privacy policy covers the website of Wandsworth Borough Council including those parts of the site managed and hosted by other organisations.
Providing visitors with anonymous access
You can access our homepage and browse most of the public site without first logging on using a unique personal login. You may however choose to register with the site in order to access online services.

Automatic collection of information
Wandsworth Council uses Google Analytics provided by Google on its website to measure and analyse visitor information. The council may use the information gained to improve its online services to its visitors.

Disclosure and visitor choice
Wandsworth Council does not store any of the personal information captured about individuals who access the Council website - except where you have voluntarily chosen to give us your personal details via email, or when enquiring about or applying for any of our services or by registering with this site. In these cases, the personal data you give Wandsworth Council will be used exclusively for providing you with the information or service which you have requested and will not be shared with any other organisation.
Confidentiality and security

We do not give visitors to our website the option of using a secure transmission method to send us their personal data except in instances where financial details are requested and submitted. In these cases, the secure transmission conforms to Microsoft’s 128kb encryption. The Council also has a Verisign certificate to establish the authenticity of the site.
We have implemented security policies, rules and technical measures to protect the personal data that we have under our control from:
•    unauthorised access
•    improper use or disclosure; unauthorised modification
•    unlawful destruction or accidental loss
All our employees and data processors who have access to, and are associated with the processing of personal data, are obliged to respect the confidentiality of our visitors’ personal data.

Access to the personal data we may hold about you
Wandsworth Borough Council is committed to complying with the relevant Data Protection and Privacy of Information legislation. For more information please email

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