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Community Learning

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Through Community Learning Wandsworth Council caters for over 9,000 learners each year.  There are are over 650 courses to choose.  You can learn a new language, produce your first oil painting or learn exactly how to get that job!  Community Learning is there as a resource to keep your mind and body fit and there is something for everyone.  See our Quick Reference Guide (PDF) for more information on the courses available or take a look at our map for details of our learning providers.

You can:

  • Try short taster classes for an hour or two
  • Delve into a subject in greater depth
  • Take a longer course to get a qualification
  • Take an English, Maths or ESOl (English for Speakers of Other Languages) course


Information, Advice and Guidance

As part of our service, we offer learners impartial, confidential information, advice and guidance, tailored to individual needs and aspirations and helping all to succeed in their chosen programmes and next step progression. As well as teaching your course and supporting you to achieve, your teachers will help you with next steps guidance and advice on the best progression route for you.

Personalized Careers Guidance in Roehampton and Battersea

After a promising pilot in the Learning Works Summer programme, we are extending the careers guidance initiative for the coming academic year.  We offer free one to one careers guidance in Roehampton and Battersea

You could get personalized help with:

  • Assessing your starting point – your current qualifications, skills, qualifications and personal attributes
  • Working out your career aspirations and assessing what you need to do to get there
  • Researching the job market  - are your career aspirations realistic?
  • Putting together an action plan, for example, steps towards finding the course or work experience you have identified you need
  • Revising and improving your CV
  • Improving the writing of cover letters and filling of application forms
  • Practicing and improving interview techniques

An additional feature of the initiative is the planned programme of recruitment talks from large local employers such as Asda, Sainsbury's and Barclays Bank, along with Wandsworth WorkMatch and the Job Centre Plus.   

Careers Advice Centres

  • Yvonne Carr Centre, 2 Thessaly Road, Battersea SW8 4HT
  • 166 Roehampton Lane, SW15 4HR

To find out more or to book a meeting with our Careers Advisor, Dustine Davis, please call 07919 392 254

Family Learning - Case Studies

Teagan (6 years old) Speaks About Family Learning

Sacred Heart School in Battersea ran a Keeping Up with the Children (literacy) course for two sessions a week. Once a week the children of those attending came into the classs to work with their parents. We spoke to six-year-old teagan Dixon Walters about what she thought about it all.
"In the family learning we read books and we did loads of words like the,at, go - the golden words. We had to make sentences - that was my favourite. i liked reading GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS as well. I liked it because my mummy was helping me. I liked my mum being in the school because everyone was saying: "look your mum's in the school." It made me happy and I like school. It helped me in my work because I learnt new words. Now I do all my maths and my spellings and my reading with my mum. the family learning helped with that. My mum has gone on a course on Wednesdays and Thursdays - she's learning stuff and she's trying to get the maths right. She's working in the school now. When i grow up I want to vbe a dentist becuase then I can help children with their teeth."


Dads Sowing & Growing Workshop  -  Gareth Granville

Gareth is a 26 year old father of one. Gareth became a dad at the age of 23 and although he felt he was not ready to be a dad, he was adamant he would make a difference in his son’s life. Gareth is no longer in a relationship with his son’s mother but continues to be a role model in his son’s life. Gareth has his son Fri-Sunday every week.

Gareth was introduced to the Dads Sowing & Growing workshop by his mother. Initially he found it quite daunting and felt he may be singled out as he was a young father and just beginning to understand what being a father was all about. Nathaniel is an active 3 year old and interacting with him was becoming a challenge for Gareth. Gareth wanted a focused, educational environment that both he and Nathaniel could attend. Gareth attended the Dads Sowing & Growing workshop run by Family Learning and found it was encouraging & interactive for him and his son. The other dad’s and tutor were also welcoming & understanding. Gareth has also discovered different techniques so he can interact with his son and continues to attend other courses to enable him to continue his role as a father and tutor to his son.

Gareth says ‘If it hadn’t been for this course and the subsequent courses I have attended the stability I was looking for Nathaniel would be non existent. Nathaniel and I have developed new techniques and our bonding sessions are really fulfilling. We continue to nurture and watch our bulbs grow much the same way I do with Nathaniel!

Thank you Wandsworth Family Learning & Franciscan Children’s Centre




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Lifelong Learning Provider Map

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